Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Target's Coupon to Cell Phone Program

Target will roll out their first scandable mobile coupons for your cell phone tomorrow, Wednesday.
I am so excited; no more clipping for those who hate it.  Target is the first, but you know everyone else will follow.  I hear JCP is trying a like program.  It's just a matter of time and no more clipping! It will be scan from the cell and print from the computer.  This new technology just facinates me.  Target is the first mass retailer to offer this program.  ''The coupons will work with any phone that has a browser and data plan,'' says Target.  New coupons will be issued on a monthly basis as older ones expire.
The coupons are redeemed when the barcode on the cell phone is scanned at checkout.

No need to clip coupons for target, not only will you save money but also your valuable time.  No more excuses for not using your coupons. Target will launch this program in all of it's stores tomorrow.
Target really has some good high value coupons every week  Love that Target.

Report from USA Today 3/9/10
                                                            "[LET'S SAVE SOME MONEY'"


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