Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hunt!!

The hunt is on for silver dress-up shoes.  It seems to me that when I was not looking for silver shoes; they were everywhere.  Now, when I need a pair of silver shoes with a heel shorter than two and a half inches.  I can not seem to find them.  I need standing shoes; not sit down shoes, which  really are the ones I like.

I just had a big, big birthday.  The days of standing for long periods of time in very high heels are passed and gone.  I'm saving those tall, too cute shoes for sitting down, legs crossed and  feet  looking pretty.

I have looked all over and have seen some of the most beautiful silver shoes that are two and a half inches high or higher, but I have yet to find a really cute pair of two inch heels.  I cannot believe the height of the shoes I am seeing. I know the designers are designing for the young these days.

If you spot a pair of silver open toe heels that are two inches high, email me at  I will thank you forever.

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