Monday, March 29, 2010

The Language of Couponing Part Two

This is part two of "The Language of Couponing." It has helped me save a lot of money. I hope it will help you. I'm writing this before I go to sleep. I don't want you to miss a deal. The new weekly fliers are out for most of the stores. I have already been to CVS today. My bill was $61.00 and I paid $29.00. I took my husband with me. It amazes him how I use coupons to save us money. He is learning, but I haven't sent him on his own yet to do a big shop. He is close!

The following list is good information to know. I have found the more information you have regarding coupon use the better. I am still learning.

Walgreens has a coupon booklet that is usually next to their fliers. I have found coupons in that little booklet and the same product on sale in the store, and on top of that, I had a manufacturers coupon which you can use with the store coupon from your booklet(this is called stacking). Many times I get the item for free or almost free. I really love when that happens. I always pick up one or two booklets each time I'm in the store. They come out at the end of the month.

Rolling Catalinas - (Catalina print at the register) You can use your catalina as payment on another transaction of equal merchandise and another catalina will still print.
Example: If you buy five (5) brand name items a five ($5) catalina will print. Then you buy another set of five of the same items you can use the previous catalina to pay toward your order and another $5 catalina will print.
This can be a big money saver.

Internet Printable - Can be found on most Manufacturers websites and on blogs.
Check this blog for coupons.

Inserts - RP Red Plum SS Smart Source PG Proctor & Gamble GM General Mills usually found in the Sunday Paper. They all have websites you can print coupons from.

Stacking coupons - Is when the store allows you to use their store coupons along with a manufactures coupon for the same item.

I hope this is helpful to you. Leave a comment and let me know.

"Let's save some money"

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