Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Language of Couponing

Yes, Coupon World does have it's own language. Just as it is all over the natural world there is a special Coupon language used in stores and on blogs. In order to navigate in coupon world you must know and understand the language. There are terms and abbreviations that will help you navigate successfully in the world of coupons and save you a lot of money.

Here is a listing of abbreviations and terms that you need to know:

Q - Coupon

B1G1/BOGO - Buy one get one free. Sometimes there are Buy one get two free.

CRT - cash register tape. Your receipt

Blinkie - A coupon that prints out at a machine in the store. Usually located near the product they are associated with. Note: At some CVS stores it is a red machine near the front of the store.

Catalina - Sometimes called CAT. A coupon that prints out at the register that is either $$ off your next purchase or $$ off a product. Usually they must be used at the store that issued them.

Closeouts - Drastically reduced products that are being discontinued.

Double coupons - The store will double the value of a coupon up to a certain value.
Kroger and Meijer will double coupons up to .50. Ex. .25=.50 and .50=$1.00.

ECB - Extra Care Bucks - Only at CVS. They are CVS "cash" do not throw them away.
Use them like money on your next visit. Check restrictions.

FAR - Free after rebate

RR - Register rewards are exclusive to WalGreen. Walgreen "cash" Use on your next visit.

MFR - Manufacturer

MIR - Mail In Rebate

Rain Check - A slip of paper given to you by the clerk when the store is out of a sale item. Always ask for a rain check.

Peelie - Coupons found on products in the store. Don't forget to pull these off and hand them to the clerk when you check out. Don't wait for the clerk to pull them off for you, she might not see them.

$$/$$ - Is the $ amount you get off for every # you buy. Example $4/8 (Kroger)means you get $4.00 off every 8 participating product you buy. Another example $5/$25 is $5 off a purchase when you spend $25.00.

Note FYI--$$-dollars off # number of

Print this list and keep it with your coupons. You will be glad you did.

Always check your store coupon policy. Check their website for this information.

"Let's save some money"


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