Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Secret" Rental Car Filth!!!!!!!!!!

This morning the Today show exposed yet another disturbing, disgusting, gross report of filth in the market place.  I really appreciate the Today Show informing us of this harmful invasion in our lives; but really it is grossing me out. It especially concerned me today; because, I had to rent a car this morning.

It seems rental  car agencies have cut back on their cleaning crews. They are  taking very little precautions to protect the public.

When I pick up my rental I will have a supply of Clorox wipes to clean the steering wheel, the knobs, door handles and any thing that we will need to touch.

One of the things to be really concerned about is renting a child's car seat with your car and putting a defenseless baby in that seat. MSNBC hired a lab to test  cars they rented from six  major car rental agencies. The lab found very serious contamination in all but two of them.  One of the bacteria among the many they found was the bacteria that causes strep infections. As we all know strep is a very dangerous infection that can kill.

A word to the wise, be sure you wipe the car's interior and the outside door handles down with an antibacterial solution while you are wearing glove.  Wipe it down before you leave the lot.
Let's be safe!

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