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Freebies for Everyone....Nothing is Better than Free

Hello Everyone, 
I hope you are ready for the holiday weekend, yipee!  I'v got freestuff for you to enjoy, some you can enjoy this weekend.

All You, my favorite Magazine, posted and article about getting stuff for free;  you know there is nothing better than free.  I thought I would share some of the free stuff with you.  You should go to the  and read all of the article and get more things free.  You can get something free everyday on the All You website, it is a good way to try product that you haven't tried but did'nt want to spend money on it at this time.  the also include a list of sites for you to get free stuff.  Check it out, it's worth the read. Here is a link to their free sample site.
Daily Free Sample on

CHEESECAKE FACTORY: If you decide to celebrate a birthday at this restaurant, let your server know. At the end of the meal, you’ll be treated to ice cream with a candle and a birthday serenade.  I took my granddaughter to the Cheesecake Factory for her 16th birthday.  She was so impressed with her ice cream plate, all beautifully decorated with chocolate swirls; she took a picture of it and put it on Facebook.  Four or five of the staff sang a cute Happy Birthday to her.  It was the highlight of our lunch.

Free Ice Cream

FRIENDLY’S: Sign up for Friendly's Birthday Club for a free three-scoop sundae with the purchase of any adult entrée and also receive birthday offers for you and your family.  I miss Friendly, they left our area when my kids were small. The closest on to me is in Dayton.

BASKIN-ROBBINS: Join the Birthday Club to receive a coupon for a free scoop along with a discount on an ice cream cake, as well as other dollars-off deals throughout the year.

COLD STONE CREAMERY: At, join the Birthday Club to indulge in a free sweet.

Many museums, zoos, amusement parks and cinemas offer specials. Calling ahead or visiting the website can pay off with free admission or concession treats. I'm taking my twin grandson on an overnighter to the Indianapolis Children's museum on Thursday from 4PM until 8PM there is free admission courtesy of Target. for me that will be a savings of over $50.00. two adults and two children.

Free Appetizers

OUTBACK: Sign up for My Outback Rewards and receive a free Aussie-Tizer.

T.G.I. FRIDAY’S: Register at for a Give Me More Stripes card to be eligible for a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert, plus a one-time pass to move to the front of the line at the restaurant—saving you both money and time!

Free Dinner

OLD COUNTRY BUFFET: Visit to learn how to get a “buy one, get one free” buffet.  I frequent Old Country Buffet since it is very near my home; I love their chicken. So this is a great deal for the hubby and I.

Free Cosmetics

IN DEPARTMENT STORES: Cosmetics and fragrance counters always let you sample products.  Always ask for fragrance samples when you are in the department store.  It is a great way to try a new fragrance before you buy.  Nothing worst than buying a fragrance and not liking it later.  You need to wear it a while to make a decision, at least I do.

SEPHORA: Sign up for Beauty Insider at and stop in on your birthday for a pampering present. Sephora has also been known to offer a free lip gloss or lotion sample. There’s no guarantee, but it’s worth a shot to inquire.


On their birthdays, bring your children to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream, Boston Market for free food or Sonic for a kid’s meal. They also can receive a free meal if you enroll them in the CPKids Birthday Club at California Pizza Kitchen and the Kids’ Birthday Club at your local Denny’s (check first—it varies by location).

Free at the Doctor’s Office

THE DENTIST’S OFFICE: If your hygienist or dentist doesn’t offer you a free toothbrush, toothpaste or floss, there’s no harm in asking.

AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE: When your physician writes you a new prescription, ask for a free sample of the medication. Doctors often have extras.  I find that my doctors really wants you to ask for free samples especially for a new medication.  It is really a good way to see if the new med will work for you since you can't return a prescription if it doesn't work.  Also if you forget to re-order your meds or you just don't have the money  and need them today, call your doctor's office and ask for samples, they will sometimes give you enough to last until you can get your prescription filled.

Our favorite freebie sites(All You)

In addition to the Daily Free Sample on, we love getting freebies from the following sites. Bookmark them in your Internet browser (we did!) and check back frequently for new samples:

Get 2 Free Preview Issues

Dear Carla,

Because you're a valued All You reader we want to offer you the opportunity to enjoy 2 FREE PREVIEW ISSUES of COOKING LIGHT.

The one publication that makes healthy taste great. Each issue includes:
  • Over 80 healthy, delicious recipes along with shortcuts to save you calories and time
  • Quick 20-minute meals your family will love
  • A complete recipe index to make meal planning a snap
  • Important nutrition information (fat, calories, sodium, cholesterol and more)
Take advantage of this special offer today!


Still saving money....that's what we do!

Freebies to save money on ink

My favorite digital Goddess...Kim Komando always has many useful freebies to share.  Please visit her at you will be so glad you did.  This week she posted five ways to save money on the ink we use for our printers.  The price of  ink just boggles my mind.  We need all the help we can get in this area. Remember to pay her a visit and get her daily emails.

GreenPrint - This program eliminates wasted pages before printing. Begin printing any document or Web page as you normally would. GreenPrint will start automatically. It will show each page you've selected to print. Wasted pages are highlighted in red. Those are the ones it will remove.
If you want to print a page that's going to be removed, double-click it. It will be returned to the print lineup. You can remove pages manually, too. Double-click any page to stop it from printing. GreenPrint records everything that you remove. Then it calculates how much money has been saved.

PrintWhatYouLike - The name of this program is fairly self-explanatory. It lets you print only certain parts of a Website. That way, you aren't wasting paper and ink.

 Just copy and paste the Website URL into the site. You will get a comprehensive layout editor. It lets you select Web page elements to keep or remove. You can change the size of the text or turn off the background. When you have just the parts you want, you can print.

HP Smart Web Printing - HP Smart Web Printing lets you select portions of a Web page to print. So, there's no wasted ink or paper.
You can choose to print your selection right away. Or, save it to print later. You can even print selections from several sites on a single piece of paper! You'll love saving ink and paper. But you just might like the ability to customize your print jobs better!

PDFCreator - This handy program lets you create PDF files. Simply select a printable Windows file and print to the PDFCreator. Your document will save in PDF format.
PDFCreator lets you keep a digital copy of what you wanted to print. So, you may not need to print anything at all. You can store, view and share PDFs very easily. Load them onto your smart phone or iPad for on-the-go viewing.
Ecofont - Ecofont Vera Sans is a fun and unique way to save money on printing. It's a typeface that has holes in each letter. That means there's less ink needed per letter.
Ecofont says that you can save up to 25 percent on ink and toner with this font. And the holes are so small that it doesn't affect legibility. It's still very clear and readable


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