Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Extreme Couponing".......... the dark side of couponing???????

 Joe the coupon guy posted the article below on his site.  I think all couponers should read it.  If we, couponer encourage "extreme couponing" we will be the ones who loose.  Extreme couponing portrays us as greedy, non caring, shelf clearing, hoarders. I don't think the manufactures are at all pleased with the way couponing is portrayed on the show.  The use of coupons is to help the manufacturer advertise their product and to give the consumer a break in the mean time.  This is a win win situation. Thousands of people clearing shelves and taking the products to their homes does not accomplish the couponing purpose.  "I'm just saying".  Let me know if you agree or disagree.  Click on the comment area at the end of the blog and tell me what you think.

The News-Herald did a story on me and the Extreme Couponing show. As I’ve mentioned in my blog before I didn’t do the show because they wouldn’t agree to show that I donate my stock. Not doing so puts couponers in a bad light. They also didn’t want to show me teaching a class. I told them how it would help people learn and know that there are classes out there for people to go to that will show them how to save. They weren’t interested.
There is now a site on Facebook that is boycotting the Extreme Couponing show. Many stores have limited their coupons that can be used per item, eliminated doubles, stopped coupon matching, and much more since the show aired. The show has people clearing the shelves, bending coupon rules, and made them look like hoarders when most donate along with many other ‘good for TV’ moments. Read more about the show here:
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