Friday, October 29, 2010

Stop Hackers From Accessing Your Accounts

Protect yourself now!
This information came from Kim Komando.  Kim always post excellent, helpful, free information to protect and help you while on -line.  Read this information carefully so that you understand it.  I did not grasp all of it on my first read.  You can never be too careful.  Protect yourself!

Stop hackers from accessing your accounts
A software developer has released a new extension for Firefox called FireSheep. It demonstrates the insecurity of many major Websites on public networks.
For example, it can help hackers access your Facebook account. Banking sites aren't affected by this extension.
All a hacker has to do is log on to a public network. Then he runs FireSheep and waits. Your account information will appear automatically when you log in. It doesn't matter what browser you're using.
Many sites encrypt login information. However, the rest of the communication is unencrypted. FireSheep grabs an unencrypted site cookie en-route to your computer. Using the cookie, the hacker can access your account.
The only way to counter this is to encrypt your communication. You can do this with another Firefox extension. It is called HTTPS Everywhere. And it forces many major Internet sites to communicate using encryption.
When encryption is active, a lock symbol will appear in your browser. This is usually located in the lower-right hand corner. If the lock appears broken or unlocked, you are not secure.
 Note that this extension will break some features on some sites. Facebook Chat is an example. Go to Tools>>Add-ons>>HTTPS Everywhere>>Preferences. This lets you exclude certain sites.
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