Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saving all day...everyday

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  All You Fashion and Beauty Special Issue is available at Wal Mart Now!

It's the 2rd annual edition and it is filled with information to help you look younger for less, there are $37.00 worth of coupons to help you save money while you shop for new clothes, skin care and make-up.

If you want to get fashion and beauty advice, upgrade your style, and get over $37 worth of coupons; don't miss this issue? Pick up your copy of  ALL YOU Fashion & Beauty special issue - on sale NOW at Walmart.

Click here to save $1.00 on the issue!

A great gift idea for a grandmother.  Take those pictures that you have been meaning to send to grandma and put them in this photo book for her then give them to her no special reason....just because you love her.  She will be so grateful especially if she lives away from her grandchildren.
Kodak Gallery is offering a Free Small Autofill 5×7 Photo Book with code TARGBOOK.
Shipping runs around $1.99. Offer should be valid through 11/6/10.

The photo deals, just keep coming!!!!


In the age of digital, printing photos has become the standard and hence the printing of digital photos is a hot topic. Whenever you can get free prints with a code, you ought to take advantage of it. York Photo has an offer where you can get 40 FREE prints as well as 4c prints on top of that. Fantastic!

Thanks, Freestuff4free.

This coupon was in some Sunday Papers this week. Ifyou missed it, now you can get a Printable Coupon for 2 FREE 5×7 Photo Greeting cards from HP inside Walmart.  This coupon is valid thru 11/15 at Walmart Photo Centers.

Thanks, Clippin wit Carie

 Need some new pictures for that Photo Book.  Have a party for the little ones and take pictures. Frugal Village has party games for you to entertain the little ones and get some great shots for Grandma.

Party games on a budget

Birthday parties for kids can bust your budget. Planning the party can be stressful, too. You tend to forget basic games and activities can be the most fun. Supplies don’t have to be costly and many can be made with items you already have in your home. Many traditional party games such as musical chairs, pinatas and pin the tail on the donkey have been set aside for elaborate festivities, so many old-time favorites can be exciting and “new.” What cheap birthday party games have you done?
Here are a few frugal fun ideas.
          Thanks, Frugal Village

 Coffee and ice cream, hot and cold.  Am I weired or what?  I love coffee and ice cream.  Whether you like them together or separate, here are $2.50 worth of  printable coupons for you to use.  They will help you enjoy it even more.   How about Ice Cream for the "Party"?

Blue Bell is offering a $1 Off a Half Gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream Printable Coupon.

You can get a $1.50 Off Coffee Mate Printable Coupon
Thanks for these coupons

As the cool weather approaches, dandruff will come to some of us or to someone we know.  Here are nine home remedies from to help erase the dandruff problem.  Click on the blue print for the list.

Here is my collection of home remedies for dandruff, be careful to not get any of the solutions in your eyes since I’m sure it would sting a bit (just like shampoo and other hair care products). If your scalp has a cut or broken skin, wait till that is fully healed so you won’t [...]

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