Saturday, October 2, 2010

Credit Union or The Bank-Which is best for you? Preview Sunday Coupons

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It's Saturday, I hope you have great plans for the weekend.  The trees are starting to turn,  Fall has arrived.  To day might be a great day to visit a park with the young ones.  Shopping also comes to mind. I need to go to CVS today to take advantage of this weeks specials and use my ECB's.

I received my Credit Union newsletter and on the back is an article "10 Easy, Money-Saving Tips", they are helping me save money.  I am very pleased with my credit union, there are many advantages over the bank. I posted the article below.

10 Easy. Money-Saving Tips

1.Combine cable, Internet and telephone Services.  Companies now offer packages that cost less-and offer the convenience of a single bill.
2.Search for rebates.  When shopping, look for items that come with  rebates, and then send in the rebate that day.  Follow up with the rebate company if you don't receive your check in a timely manner.
Just a note:sometimes the rebate looks like junk mail so take note of your mail.
3.Buy a refurbished computer.  If it's time to upgrade, you can find great out-of-the-box or refurbished deals at any reputable electronics store.

4.Reduce your loan rate.  It never hurts to ask if your lender will reduce your credit card or other loan rate.  If not, shop around or refinance at your Credit Union for a lower rate.
5.Refinance your mortgage.  If you know your credit score has improved, yo may qualify for a lowe rate.  To get started, ask about our current Mortgage rate. (Or any Credit Union's rate)
6.Request a discount from your trash service.  Have you received a bettroffer in the mail from another trash company?  Call your current provider and ask if they will beat-or at least meet-the offer.
7.Look for low cost checking accounts.  If you still don't have a GCCU Checking Account, now is the time to make the switch!  Our accounts offer ow or no fees and many great perks.
8.Get DVDs from the library or RedBox. Libraries often offer DVDs that you can check out for free, or visit your nearest Redbox for $1-a-night rental offers.  (Visit Redbox website for special codes and greater savings)
9.Read magazines at the Library or online.  This is a great wayto save on subscription cost.
10.Keep your car longer.  If your car, truck or SUV is paid off, drive it until it becomes too expensive to repair.  When you need to purchase a new or used vehicle, ask a GCCU Loan Officer about our Vehicle rates.  (Or check with a credit union in your area.)

GCCU  Greater Cincinnati Credit Union

  Check out a Credit Union near's a good thing.

I  also found a great article at Money Central that I thought would help you make a wise decision if you were thinking about making a change to a Credit Union.

Here is the URL for Money Central

There are three inserts:Smart Source, Redplum and General Mills 
Next weeks Coupons.   A preview of the coupons in Sunday’s Paper?
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Remember coupons are regional, but this should give us a good idea of what’s to come!

 Check and they reset yesterday.
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