Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meijers Free Metformin

Meijer is helping Diabetics save some money.
Meijers is offering yet another prescription drug for Free. This time it is the diabetic medications Metformin..
This is a blessing to millions of diabetic patients all over the country who depend on this medication for their life.

I take Metformin everyday and depend on it to keep my blood sugar levels under control. I am happy and very grateful to Meijer for giving back. They are one of my favorite stores.  I just had anew prescription filled there last Saturday and received a $30.00 coupon to use at the store to buy groceries or Gas.  I'm buying gas.  There is a Meijer near my job with a gas station.  Yea!!!

Tell all your friend who are diabetics and taking Metformin to click the Meijer post that is just below this post to get the full details.  They will thank you.

As always,
"Let's save some money"


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