Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AngelFood MInistries "Saving on your food bill"

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.
I want to remind you to visit AngelFood.com to find a host site near your home so that you might take advantage of the wonderful  savings on food  they offer  You can lower your grocery bill tremendously. 

I wrote a post about Angelfood Ministries a few weeks ago.  Scroll down to the left of this page and click on the post.

We are all about saving money wherever we can.  This is a wonderful way to do just that.  Angelfood has a Signature package of food that will serve four people 3 meals for 5 days.  The cost is just $30.00,  that is $6.00 a day for 4 people or $1.50 a person or .50 per meal per person.  Talk about saving money.!!!!!

If you know a family in need and you can afford to buy a box for them, please do so.  You will bless them and God will bless you.

Please go to the website and print off some menus and take them to your place of work. There is still time to order for April in some areas. Pass them out or leave them in your breakroom.  This idea came from Jenni on Face book.  Share this site with your Facebook family.  The signature box is only one of many you can purchase. Here is a sample.
  • Seafood Box
  • Senior Convenience box
  • Allergen Free Box
  • Fruit Box
 This is just a few of the offerings. Check at the site. There are Angelfood Host sites are all over the country.  Spread the word.  "Let's save some money"  and Let us help somebody.

 God's Blessing Always

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