Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Momster.com " Help for Moms of teens and tweens"

I just joined this site called momster.com,  it is a wonderful place to go and get real help from real life Moms just like you and I. Why am I on this site you might as?  Well, I am a grandmother who is raising my 15 year old granddaughter.  There are so many concerns and problems that she is faced with, things my daughter did not seem to face.  My greatest concern right now is the amount of Hazing, Verbal as well as Physical assaults that goes on in these schools.  There are some really mean kids in these schools.  I'm trying so hard to equip her with tools to deal successfully with all that seems to go on.

Momster.com is a social network site where Moms share advice about anything that concerns you and your teen or tween.  There are discussion groups of many kinds and you have the option of starting your own group.  You know if you are having a certain problem, there are others with that same problem and just maybe you can help each other. Check the site out and send back a comment to me letting me know what you think.

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