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It's A New Day and A New Week to Save Some Money

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It's a good day and I have great information and tips for you from some experts.  I hope they help you as much as they help me. Visit all of their websites for news you need to know.


Generating Extra Cash

Do not throw out your used printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and cell phones. You can easily sell them. Google "used ink cartridges" and/or "sell used cell phone," and you'll find multiple companies that buy them. Compare prices because they vary. Some offer free shipping if you send enough at once. For cell phones, be sure to remove any personal information, deactivate the phone, and remove SIM card (if any). If you are associated with a large organization or know someone who is, this method of generating some income can be more than an occasional thing.
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5 common PC problems

 Certain problems are relatively common. Some result in replacement of the computer, often unnecessarily. Even a rank amateur can fix many problems. Taking it to the computer store will be expensive; you'll be lucky to escape for less than $250. You should try to fix it yourself.
1. The spyware plague
A message pops up repeatedly, telling you to buy a security program. It happens so often that you can't get any work done.
This is adware, or spyware. It's probably the most common problem of all. Somewhere along the line, you were offered a free scan. The program "found" terrible things on your computer. It wants you to buy the product to clean your hard drive.

Your gut tells you that this is a ripoff. Your gut is correct. This is fraudware. Use this site to stay current on fake antivirus programs.
Let's say you bought the program and ran it. If you ran the scan again, it would "find" the same problems. They were never there to begin with.
Running antivirus software probably won't help at this point. To stop the pop-ups, you must run an anti-spyware program. There are a number of good ones. I'd use Ad-Aware and Windows Defender.

You can download more anti-spyware for free from my Security Center. Download antivirus and a firewall while you're there. They will help keep viruses and other malicious programs off your computer.
2. The dead computer
You turn on your computer first thing in the morning. Nothing happens. No lights come on, no fans whir. Nothing. Your computer is dead.
What's the usual response? Well, it's old. It's time to get a new one. Nothing wrong with that, so long as you have plenty of money. The rest of us will want to fix it.

When you finish, reinstall the side of the box. Hook up the external cables, and fire up the computer. Congratulate yourself on saving several hundred dollars!
3. The monitor is dark
This is another reason many computers are replaced. Buying a new monitor is much less expensive. And a new video card is less expensive still.
There are two cables attached to the monitor--power and video. Make sure both are tight. Be sure the power cable is plugged into the electrical outlet.

Is the power light on the monitor lit? If so, we'll have to look further. If not, you probably need a new monitor. Check out my Buying Guide for monitors.
Either way, I'd still want to test that. Try to find a working monitor. Perhaps you have one on another computer. Or, maybe a friend can lend you one. Hook up the replacement monitor. If it works, the old one is bad. If it doesn't, something else is happening.
Many computers have video cards. These are small circuit boards, stuck into the mother board. The video cable from the monitor attaches to this card. Video cards can burn out. I'd buy another, and put it in the computer. If it doesn't solve the problem, you can always return it (make sure the retailer will allow returns before buying it, though).

he video system is built into the motherboard on many computers. If it goes bad, the motherboard can theoretically be replaced. That's beyond the abilities of most people. Buy a new computer.
4. The blue screen of death
So, your computer is working fine. You're playing a game, racking up points. Suddenly, you get a blue screen. It says there's been an error, and the computer must restart. It includes nonsensical information.
Don't ignore that information. Instead, make a note of it. If you can, get on the Internet and Microsoft's site.
Enter that error message. You may well find it in Microsoft's knowledge base. If so, it can give you a good idea of what is wrong.
If you can't find the message, try on the Internet. Quite possibly, someone else has had the same problem. There may be a solution available there.
Many blue screens are caused by bad memory modules. First, uninstall and then reinstall the memory modules. If it still doesn't work, just replace the bad part. There are several memory companies online. Try Crucial, Kingston Technology and PNY Technologies. All have memory configurators. They'll tell you exactly what you need.

Memory is relatively inexpensive. And it's not too difficult to replace. You'll find tutorials at all the memory stores online. Just remember to ground yourself when you open your computer. You don't want to ruin your parts with static electricity.
5. Intruders are using your wireless network
Wireless is a great way to network. You can move around your house with your notebook. There's nothing better than working on your patio on a nice day.
Unfortunately, your neighbors will like your wireless system, too. It gives them the opportunity to access the Internet free. Maybe they'll download some kiddie porn and store it on your computer. You'll enjoy explaining that to the police!
You want to block your neighbors, and everyone else, from your system. You do that with encryption. That is set up within your router.
First, enter the IP (Internet Protocol) number in your browser. It will be something like Check your router manual to be sure.
Once you sign in, you'll be able to select your encryption. You want WPA2, also known as WPA-PSK. You may also see WEP or WPA. WEP is Wired Equivalent Privacy, an old, unacceptable standard. WPA is a predecessor to WPA2. It has been broken, although it is much safer than WEP. Get more details about setting up wireless encryption.

If WPA-PSK or WPA2 is not available, check with the manufacturer. You may be able to upgrade the router's firmware. If not, buy a new router. They're not that expensive. Good encryption can save you money in the long run.
It's handy to be able to fix your own computer. Learn about some other problems that might pop up and how to resolve them.

CVS Coupon Update and Policy Change
7/27/2011: I ( Didi) called customer service twice this morning to make sure I got told the same thing after hearing rumblings about a change in CVS's coupon policy.

As of July 1st, 2011 CVS has changed their coupon policy. We are no longer allowed to use a $ off coupon, along with a BOGO coupon on 2 products. We can only use (1) BOGO coupon. E-mails have been sent out to all stores this month about the change. Of course it will take a little while for all stores to implement this new change. This is a sad day my friends :-(
So in a nutshell:

* We cannot use a BOGO coupon along with another $ coupon.

* We cannot use 2 coupons on a BOGO sale.

* We CAN use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale.
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