Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Great Deals around the Malls

Hi everyone, there are some great deals at the mall right now.  To get the best picks you might want to go shopping this week.
I had been looking for a black wool coat, a pair of Skechers shape-ups, and a cute sweater jacket all during the holidays. 
Well,  my husband took me shopping after church yesterday so I could buy somethings with the money he gave me for Christmas.  I found my coat, yipee! It is just what I wanted.  It was priced at $185.00 at Sears with 70% off or $55.50, a savings of $129.50.
My Skechers shape-ups were $79.00 at Macy's with 20% off, I also had the 15% off coupon from the nwspaper and a $25.00 Macy's gift card.  I was only allowed to use 10% of my 15% coupon, still my shoes only cost me OOP $36.00. Finally my Navy and Gray sweater was $27.90 at Sears and 50% off or $13.95. I received an extra 20% off from a receipt I got before Christmas, which netted me $15.99 making my sweater free with overage. I saved a total of $150.00 and I really had a good time shopping. Saving money is the best fun to have.  I hope you all are getting some great after Chriatmas deals.  Post a comment and let me know what you find.  "Let's save some money"

Have a blessed shopping trip!

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