Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gearing Up For Back To School

Get'um up! Get'um dressed! Get'um fed and Get'um out to the school bus. Well, it's here. The next nine month's Monday through Friday routine.

" School is in session"
Gearing up for school can really create stress for you and for the little ones, there are tips to lessen the stress. The key is organization and preparation. Keep it simple.

The little one starting kinder garden or even first grade need a lot of reassurance; at least that has been my experience. Giving them small amounts of information helps ease anxiety. Highlighting the fun they will have with new friends and teachers can really be a benefit.

Four of my six grand children will attend new schools this year and for the first time, three of them will be in different schools. They are excited but there's sadness, apprenhension and questions.

Tips to make the transition easier:
A great Breakfast with some protein, some whole grain, some fruit and some milk will give extra brain power and keep them awake. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Most children will return to school next week. Start them in their post summer school routine today. "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". I don't remember who said that but my grandmother quoted it on a regular basis. It worked for me!

A Multivitamin is also important.

Remind them to drink water. Children need water to stay hydrated.

Remind the little ones to let the teacher know if they need to use the bathroom. I have a story; but I can't share, it's about my little six year old and school camp. Just use the eye of your imagination!!!!!

If they ride the bus make sure they have their address and telephone number inside their book bag and that they have learned it. Sometimes there are new bus drivers, enough said.

You can still take the kids to IHOP for a free meal until 8/31/10.

Talk with them about apprehensions; new teachers, new kids, activities, busing etc

Give them some school work for practice doing homework at night. Little kids have homework these days.

Be sure your child is at school on the very first day. Friends are formed early. I made that mistake with my daughter, we took vacation the first week of school. It was several years before she told me it had caused her problems.
Make contact with the teachers, they respond to your child sometimes differently if you show interest. (Don't get upset teachers, its just human nature). Make that effort to attend open house and conferences. I remember my children's teachers telling me how they wish parents would attend conferences.

This is a good week to stockpile snacks and school supplies, all the store are trying to get your business.
Pack those bags early so that you have every thing they will need, including tissue and paper towel for the little ones. Check the school website for needs for each grade level.

Go to coupons.com and couponmom.com and print out the coupons you need. Remember to use the store and the manufacture's coupon together along with the sale. "Let's save big money"!

Abundant Life Vineyard Church 2740 Hyannis Dr. in Cincinnati will be giving out over 1000 free book bags filled with school supplies on Saturday 8/21/10 from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Come early. Food, fun, games and prizes. That's my church by the way. Visit us soon. Sunday service is 11:00am.

Angelfood Ministries will have a booth and a host to introduce you to the savings Angelfoods offers families, stop by. I will be at that table. Visit all the booths. Everything is free.

Pray for and with your children every morning.

Check school websites to to stay informed.

Take lots of first day of school pictures, you will be glad you did.

Be blessed don't stress!

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As always,
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