Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Safer Products

If you have ever bought an unsafe product you will want to read this!  Do you know what to do about an unsafe product?  Do  you know where to report it?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, has just released this site making it a lot easier to report any dangerous products.

It's a new website called Safer

This is How it Works
Example, you just bought an umbrella, opened it up a few  times, and note that the metal spokes that holds the fabric in place are very sharp, "this is a dangerous umbrella ."  Go to  Safer and file a complaint.

Once you are in the site,  select a category, describe your product, and tell them what happened.

The complaint will be reviewed, and sent to the manufacturer for response. If it's serious problem, the CPSC will investigate.

Special note:
Did you know the correct place to complain about a bad car part is the NHTSA.  How many people know that? I certainly did no know it.  several years ago the accelerator pedal broke off in my car,and Ido mean completely off, the only thing I knew to do was have it repaired.  A lack of knowledge is very costly.
***** Thanks, John Matarese @ Don't waste your money -The Cincinnati Enquirer for this timely information. You can read his colume in the Cincinnati Enquirer daily.

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