Saturday, July 24, 2010

A repost from and Sunday coupon preview

Hi Everyone,
Sometimes a post  from my fellow bloggers is so good that it should be posted just as she posted it.  This is one of those post. The frugal girls have posted a big list of freebies for your birthday. Free ice cream, free meals, gift cards, free car washes just to name a few.  You know all of us want something free and we certainly want something free for our birthday.  Go over to their site look for the Happy Birthday Banner and sign-up for your birthday freebies.

You'll be happy I told you about frugalgirls.

Happy Birthday!

Posted: 22 Jul 2010 09:01 PM PDT

Get seriously spoiled on your birthday {and during your birthday week} with Birthday Freebies!!
I’ve compiled a list… well rather a BIG List of Birthday Freebies for you!
So, head on over here and start signing up for your local birthday freebies… you’ll thank yourself later!
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;)Thanks, frugal girls

Don't forget to scroll down my page here and check out the Sunday Coupon Preview and check the Grocio Sales Circular for the sales in your area.   Just click on the site and it will enlarge itself to make your preview easy.  It's there to give you a jump on the next weeks sales.  Don't buy today what's on "Sale" tomorrow unless the price is less.  Happy Shopping

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