Thursday, February 4, 2010

"All You...Enjoying Life for Less"

Today starts my new Thursdays only post.  I'm calling it "Things I've learned....reading magazines"
Confession, "I am a magazine junkie." There I've said it!  I must admit, not only do I read the magazines over and over, but some of them I keep for years even decades.  When I retire, my goals is to put the articles I love in a file system for my girls.

 Over the years I have learned a wealth of knowledge and information about cooking, saving, travel and how to do things reading magazines.

My all time favorite magazine right now is  "All You"  Enjoying Life for Less.  It fullfills all my expectations for the kind of information I look for in a magazine geared to women:
1.It is inexpensive. $2.24 an issue
2.The articles are consise with beautiful picture illustrations.
3.It is full of information that I can and will use. re: economy/saving money-low budget meals-fashion-housekeeping and much, much more
4.There are always exclusive coupons in the magazine; sometimes more than $100.00 worth in one issue.

There is also a great website that supports the magazine.

"Al l You" can only be purchased at Wal Mart.  If you go to the website and click coupons and deals, there is a printable coupon for .50 which brings your cost to $1.74 for your February issue.  There is also an offer on the site for two (2) free trial issues.  I also noticed a box on the top right of the screen called Get Today's sweet find.  It is a free granola bar from Starbucks.

 Question, did you know there is a Starbucks in Jungle Jim's?  Well, there is. I love that place. 

Ok, back to the subject.  If you scroll down a little there is a BOGO( coupon language for buy one get one free) sub from Subway.  Take a friend to lunch, just saying! (smile).

Check out "All You" while you are in the check-out lane at WalMart.  Write a comment on this post and let me know what you think.

"Let's save some money"

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