Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Happy New Year"

Welcome to 2010.

2 Cor. 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
Don't you just love a new year? A chance to start afresh. Hopefully getting it right this time. I know I do. 2009 had so many negative financial reports; but on the other hand we received more information on way to prosper than at any other time in my memory.

Frugality, saving making due with what God has already blessed us with became more real in 2009. Let's not forget the lessons we've learned. Let's let frugality be our life style. Remember frugality is not cheap, it is expedient.

It't is my goal to share information with you this year as I work toward my goal of being a doer of the word. I will be sharing ways I have learned to cut back but continue to live the life I desire.

Money is a tool and should be used to enjoy all God has purposed for us.
This is what I believed God showed me to do with the money he has entrusted to me.
1. To give.
2. To save
3. To spend.
4. To invest

So, my goal this year is to be a good stewart of the trust.
I will be posting things I hear, things I read and things I have learned over my life time that will help us "Save Some Money".

One of the best ways to get started saving is to use what's in your hand.
Most of us buy the Sunday paper. Every week there are inserts in the paper with high value coupons just waiting for you to use. If you only use one $1.00 coupon a week on something you are going to buy anyway, thats $4.00 a month or $48.00 a year. Now you can easily make that savings $10.00 a week with just the coupons in the paper. I haven't shopped this week. I stopped in two stores. I stopped in Walgreen's and CVS on my way home on Monday and Tuesday. I always have my coupons with me. In just two stores with about 30 minutes of my time I saved $36.03 and received $10.00 ECB from CVS to use on my next visit. Idon't know about you but I don't make $36.00 in a half hour at my job. Now think about it if I save $36.00 a week and I do; over a year that's $1872.00 a year. Sounds like vacation money to me. It is so easy and that $1872.00 is tax FREE. So, "Let's save some money"

If you really want to learn how to really, really save money just using coupons:
The womens group (GEWELS), at my church- Abundant Life Vineyard Church 2740 Hyannis Dr. Cincinnati, ohio 45251 is hosting a Coupon Boot Camp; Saturday January 16, 2010 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. A professional trainer will be there to equip us. The best part it is free. Call 513 742-1159 leave your name and telephone number.

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