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Welcome to my Frugal Blog!

Welcome to "i wish mama had told me",
Hi everyone,
There is really so much I wish my Mama had told me about how to get the very best value for my money.  I also wish I had know more to tell my daughter, but I am blessed to tell her a lot in this blog and I also want to share with you.  We can have a good life living frugally without stress or strain.  It is fun, like a game, really!

 My, how time flies, I wrote my first blog post in  2009.  I have really enjoyed my frugal journey.  I have learned so much and I have saved a lot of money.  I hope I have posted something over the last couple of years that has blessed you.  Send me a comment.  I would love hearing from you.

Come on in.

I am so glad that you are sharing this blog with me. I am on a journey to be more frugal, save some money and thrive in this new economy.
Debt is a trap. Proverbs 22:7 Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.

I have been on this journey for about two years.  And really, I have learned so much from the experts who come on every news program, from my sisters and brothers who blog about frugality and especially from all the wonderful and informative magazines that I read. This blog is about sharing with each other ways to cut the cost of living while still enjoying our lives.

What Frugal is not

Frugal is not being cheap. Frugal is getting the best bang out of our dollars. It's about being creative, about being a good stewart of what is entrusted to us, and about sharing our resources. Being frugal is about buying what you need but never paying full price - it's about re-using, re-purposing and sharing what we already have the way our parents and grandparents taught us. It's about buying wisely and not wasting.....

Frugal to do list:

If you are not a coupon clipper, you need to start today:

This is one of the best web-sites I have found please visit : every thing you need to know about the art of couponning is on this site.
There is even a tutorial that teaches you what and how to really save big money with coupons.

Here is an example of how I've used coupons at Walgreens-Reposted Example of how you can use coupons by stacking them.
I pass several Walgreens on my way from work. I stopped at three. Walgreens had Ocean Spray cranberry juice on sale for $1.99. In their November coupon book therewas a coupon for a dollar off and a one dollar peel off  coupon on the jar of juice. I stopped at three stores bought a total of five and they were all free. I also bought a Bottle of Suave shampoo that was one dollar, it was a store promotion. I bought four boxes of baking soda on sale with a store coupon at two for a dollar. I spent $3.00 for my all store purchases.

This is what I spent at one of the Walgreens.  Cranberry juice   1.99
                                                                          Cranberry juice  1.99
                                                                          Suave Shampoo 1.00
                                                                          Mfg coupon       1.00
                                                                          Mfg coupon       1.00
                                                                          store coupon      2.00
                                                                                  Subtotal        .98
                                                                                    Tax             .07
                                                                                     Total       1.05(This was it!)
                                                                             Total saved 9.60

This is just one example. If you are not using those coupons, You've got to get a new attitude!!!

Let's save some money!
Coupons and great savings are everywhere. Everybody is giving coupon, discounts and yes, even money back. Don's throw away the receipts you get from stores, read them, many time they offer a discount on your next purchase. Check for ECB's Extra Care Bucks at CVS you use them just like money. I'll talk about them tomorrow.

Here is another website that is also helpful:

If you have a money saving tip, an inexpensive recipe

or a comment please add it to this post.

September 8, 2011
I am just as passionate today  about being frugal as I was two years ago.  There is a lot of money to be saved just using coupons.  I love my coupons they are such a blessing in my life.  They allow me money to do things I may not otherwise be able to do, such as take my twin grandsons to the Children's Museume in Indianapolis, Ind. for two days, spend the night at a hotel that I purchased on Hotwire at $38.00 for the night.  It was a decent Hotel with free breakfast in a very nice neighborhood.  The hotel was next door to Costco and my hotel key card allowed me a free day shopping at Costco, so I saved on my gas purchase there.  We went on a Thursday.  Target Stores provides free admission from 4PM until 8PM on every Thursday.  On Friday we got our Senior discount.  The boys had a great time.  They learned a lot from the experience.  It made us very happy.

 We were also able to take our six grand children to the Smokie Mountains for seven days in August.  What a blessing!  There is so much money to be saved  using coupons and shopping the sales.  We did a different tour or activity using coupons everyday.  We all went to the Indoor water park for free, saved almost $200.00 just by taking two hours to listen to a sales presentation.   Coupons were everywhere.  I even signed up for a loyalty card at Food city.  I took my coupons and off to the store I went. Saved big!  I cooked dinner everyday (there were nine of us).  I cooked simple frugal meals.

If you save only $10.00 a week using your coupons that is $40.00 a month and $520.00 a year.  Think about it , could you use an extra $520.00 a year.  Saving..... it's a great thing!

My next post will stat a series on Couponing and frugal living, please join me.

God's Best Life to you and your family.

Let's save some money!


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